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TSC Business Solutions Ltd is pleased to announce the implementation of the popular Wasp InventoryControl system at Whiston Hospital Microbiology lab.

The new Whiston Hospital in Merseyside opened in 2010, boasting state-of-the-art facilities. As well as providing all acute healthcare services including medical, surgical and diagnostic services, it also provides maternity Services, A and E, Burns and Plastic Surgery.

The Microbiology lab is responsible for the testing of many sample types including urines, faeces, fluids, Blood cultures and swabs. As one of the biggest labs in the area samples are sent in not only from the hospital itself but from the surrounding GP clinics and other hospitals. The lab employs around 50 staff and processes approximately 1500 samples every day.

“This is a very busy laboratory and strict control of the reagents and materials we use as part of our service is paramount” said Rob Price, Associate Practioner, “We needed a system that would not only help us manage the stock but would also make us more efficient. On the recommendation of Thermofisher Scientific, one of our suppliers, we opted for Wasp InventoryControl which was supplied and installed by TSC Business Solutions.”

Wasp InventoryControl is a standalone stock control system using PC client software and a server based database. The On-Premise architecture requires no connection to the internet so security, which has to be tight in hospitals, is not an issue. 

Wasp InventoryConrtol provides the ability to manage stock stored in cold stores and freezers, as well as multiple storage areas around the lab. Utilizing PDA style barcode scanners staff can quickly scan items in to and out of each location and every transaction is recorded. “Seeing immediately where stock is stored has been an enormous help to us” said Rob.

Using a specific software application called Dragonfly, the hand held PDAs can scan the GS1 barcode label provided on the items by the manufacturers. The barcode incorporates the item number, lot number and expiry date. This data is automatically recorded by a single scan in to the Wasp database for later reporting.

Semi-automatic ordering of items below minimum stock levels as well as reporting of items approaching their expiry date means the lab doesn’t run out of essential stock and time sensitive items are not wasted. Additionally, InventoryControl provides all the functionality required for a laboratory to be compliant with the UKAS requirement for materials management.

TSC Business Solutions is a market leader in mobile data collection and track and trace systems. Founded in 2008 the company has a customer base as far flung as Singapore and British Columbia and including many household names. Specialising in parcel tracking, warehouse management, Work-in-progress tracking and Asset Management systems the company has over 50 years of experience of system implementation.

“For us InventoryControl has improved our efficiency. We are able to process more samples per day because staff are not wasting time looking for stock. Also we have managed to reduce our material costs over the year because we are making better use of time sensitive materials.” said Rob. “We are very impressed with the system and with TSC”

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