Labels and ribbons
This section is about your label:
We can provide many material types from paper through to high temperature polyesters. Please select the material your labels need to be made of from the drop down list below, or if the material isn't present please tell us about it in the additional info box at the end.
Will your labels be plain blank white labels or pre-printed with graphics, logos or text? If so can you tell us how many colours the print consists of? If they should be plain white just leave the field blank.
Tell us approximately what quantity of these labels you might use over a year (x1000). We will quote based on yearly usage with delivery 4 times per year. This way you benefit from the volume price but still spread the cost over the year. If the labels are thermal transfer we will also quote you for the required number of ribbons for this number of labels, matching the ribbon to the label material.
What label printer will these labels be used in? (This helps us understand core and roll size etc.) It would be a big help if you can tell us the make and model.

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