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TSC Business Solutions recently completed the installation of TSC-50, a “bolt on” stock control package for Sage 50 accounts for Pioneer Veterinary Products.

Pioneer Veterinary Products, based in Canterbury, Kent, UK, are specialist suppliers to veterinary hospitals and surgeries. They pride themselves on supplying quality products at competitive prices with a prompt delivery and personal service, taking the stress out of supplier management for their customers.

As part of their continued drive to improve customer service Pioneer Veterinary Products recognised that they needed to implement a robust stock management system which would increase the speed and accuracy of stock transactions. Having spent over a year working with other Sage integrated stock control products the company were still not able to find a solution that worked for them. After a number of failed installations, ongoing problems with basic functions and issues with Sage 50 data becoming corrupted they were about to give up.

Pioneer Veterinary Products approached the TSC team because of their claim that their Stock50 product is able to be installed and implemented in less than a day, a challenge that the Stock50 team are always keen to take up.

TSC is a provider of barcode tracking and identification systems. Their solutions include the supply of barcode and label printing systems, scanners and portable data capture systems for a wide variety of industries. 

The Stock50 product is a cost effective Sage50 expansion pack that turns it into a fully functioning warehouse management system. Functions like Goods-In, Goods-Out, Stocktake, Serial number tracking, Batch number tracking and multiple locations are all achievable using barcode data collection technology.

Pioneer Veterinary Products had a major stock take to do and all customers had been informed that the company would be shut down for the stock take period. Unfortunately with only days to go before the stock take was scheduled the previous barcode system was not working and the company had accepted that they would probably have to perform the stock take using traditional paper based records. 

The installation of Stock50 was performed on Thursday and everything was completed and setup shortly after lunch on the same day. Stock50’s simple user interface meant that the users were able find their way around the system extremely quickly so only a brief period of training was necessary. The stock take was performed over the next couple of days and the collated information was checked using Stock50’s stock take reconciliation process and then posted back to Sage ready to implement electronic picking and receiving on the following Monday morning.

“Stock50 enabled us to perform the stock take faster and with more accuracy than we have ever managed before. The system was installed really quickly and was in use almost immediately. The TSC team did a great job” said Cathy Groombridge, Director of Operations for Pioneer Veterinary Products

Since the introduction of Stock50 Pioneer Veterinary Products have used the mobile device software to record and validate all incoming purchase orders and ensure that all items being dispatched are verified against the Sage sales order, reducing picking time and eliminating incorrect deliveries.

3 additional rugged handheld devices have now been added and all warehouse staff use Stock50 every day.

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