The WasPOS Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) module is a fast and effective point of sale system which seamlessly integrates with Wasp InventoryControl. Written by TSC Business Solutions, the WasPOS module is a single, joined up solution for retailers who want to combine full warehouse stock management with quick and simple retail, Cash & Carry and Account sales. 

The WasPOS user interface is intuitive and easy to use, runs on a standard PC or EPOS terminal and operates a receipt printer and cash draw. We offer a choice of hardware including the popular Wasp QuickStore hardware bundle.

How does it work?

WasPOS’s barcode scanner will recognise the Item number you have allocated in InventoryControl or the EAN number from your supplier in the alternate barcode field, so you don’t have to re-barcode products you have purchased for onward sale.

Within InventoryControl, stock can be located either in a separate location, such as a shop, or in the primary or default location. When an item is sold through the WasPOS module the stock is down dated using the Remove feature in InventoryControl and the transaction is written to the transaction log and will also appear in the various related reports within InventoryControl. A separate reporting module within WasPOS allows an administrator access to financial reports like total sales value, Cash report, Daily balance report, VAT, etc. These reports can be exported to Excel for further analysis. 

An infinite number of hot keys can be programmed to quickly process sales for items that aren't barcoded or that are frequent sales.

WasPOS can handle cash sales and card sales as well as account sales, taking customer account details straight from InventoryControl. Sales can then be shown in the Customer Remove report. 

Customers can be added from the till for new accounts and for delivery details and the information is automatically uploaded to InventoryControl.

WasPOS gives InventoryControl more flexibility and allows the product to be used to tie warehouse and shop stock control together like no other product on the market at a similar price.

• Intuitive and easy to use

• Seamless link to Wasp InventoryControl

• Account sales using InventoryControl customer database

• Separate reporting module for financials 

• Hot keys for non-barcoded or frequent items


We can provide the full EPOS hardware kit for WasPOS, Click here to see the options: WasPOS hardware options

To arrange a free demonstration click here: Free demo of WasPOS

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