Keep your workers safe and observe Social Distancing rules with the help of our new safety signage


We know the intense pressure everyone is under at the moment - logistics businesses, retailers and manufacturers all need to maintain operations at peak efficiency while ensuring the safety of their workforce and observing Social Distancing rules.

Our striking new Social Distancing signage reinforces the requirement to keep  2 metres (6 feet) apart at all times, acting as a constant reminder of the need to  stay safe.

Our packages are specially designed to offer quality, choice and versatility

Durable, Anti-Slip Floor Safety Signs

Our floor signs are all made from encapsulated Teslin, a tough synthetic material which is flexible, highly printable, waterproof and tear resistant.

To protect the print surface and make the signs more rigid we laminate both sides for enhanced durability.They are suitable for all types of commercial and industrial flooring and are designed for pedestrian walkways where the use of materials handling equipment is low. They can be utilised where MHE is in operation, but to ensure longevity, we would advise positioning them where they cannot be easily damaged.For added safety, all our signs have been anti-slip tested and when dry, have a low slip risk potential with a Pendulum Test Value (PTV) of 84.

Striking and Robust Wall/Rack Safety Signs

All our wall/rack signs are made from sturdy 3mm Foamex so they can survive the demands of most warehouse or factory environments.There are also three other packages available should you not require installation  (See Data Sheet SDSS01).

Rest assured; we have a signage solution for you.

So, talk to us today about all your Social Distancing safety sign requirements. Please visit our enquiry page