TSC Barcode Solutions Ltd is now TSC Business Solutions Ltd. Why did we change our name? The simple answer is that the company has changed over the years since it was founded in 2008. At the start we based our business model on the supply and integration of barcode technologies, the hand held data capture and printing systems that were the vital accessories to some of the large MRP and ERP systems in the warehouse and logistics market sector. We partnered with some big names in the market, like Psion and Zebra, and enjoyed huge success in working with customers like Forth Ports, Northern Foods, Velux and GE to name but a few.

The market is changing for us. Now we find we are increasingly being asked to provide complete turnkey solutions for a variety of track and trace requirements like internal mail tracking, Work-In-Progress, warehouse management and asset management. Over the years we have developed our own solutions to these requirements and partnered with software companies who have solutions that we can integrate with our hardware. Deploying these solutions is now the focus of our business.

With the name change comes a change of logo. Much of what we do when we work with a customer is understanding the complexities of their requirements, unravelling the issues and addressing their problems. More often than not we are making sense of a puzzle. A puzzle to which we have the solution. Can you work out the puzzle in our logo?

Although barcode technology is an integral part of everything we do, and it always will be, it is now a smaller part of the services we now provide. That is not to say we have completely left behind our roots! We still have all the skills we used to and are actively involved in rolling out new and complex projects, integrating portable data capture technologies and RF infrastructure to large companies requiring integration with their existing and legacy systems. Our approach is now more orientated towards business solutions, and so we believe that reflecting this in our company name will help our customers to understand that we have a holistic approach to their track and trace requirements.

What our customers say